Super Sloppy Double Dare
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2 (1987, 1989)

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124 (approximately)

Super Sloppy Double Dare was the name of two spin-offs from the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare. One was a short series of episodes to be aired on weekends in 1987, and the second was a much messier version of the show that aired in 1989.

1987 VersionEdit

In 1987, Double Dare was airing only on weekdays. For weekends, a spin-off called Super Sloppy Double Dare with episodes to be aired on weekends.

Also during that era, each time any team takes a Physical Challenge, a home viewer's name was drawn out of a special mailbox next to Marc's podium, and then Marc would announce that viewer's name. Should the team playing the Physical Challenge complete the Physical Challenge, the chosen home viewer won an Etch-a-Sketch Animator; if not, then the viewer still won a Double Dare T-shirt.

1989 Syndication VersionEdit

In 1989 to compete with other shows with very messy stunts, Double Dare was once again renamed Super Sloppy Double Dare. It had messier & bigger Physical Challenges and new obstacles for the Obstacle Course.