Bundys (Nick & Chad) vs. Mind Benders (Michelle & Audrey)Double DareDouble Dare (1987 Pilots)
Double Dare (Australia)Double Dare (UK)Double Dare 2000
Double Dare LIVE!Double Dare WikiFamily Double Dare
Fire Devils (Steve, Joseph, Franklin, & Gianna) vs Blue Riders (Doug, Ryan, Jennifer, & Debbie)International Double DareJaguars (Lauren King, Fred, Jan & Robert) vs. Blue Monsters (Arthur, Jeff, George & Roberta)
List Of Double Dare ShowsMarc SummersNickelodeon Suites Resort
Obstacle CoursePhysical ChallengeRebels (Chelsea Hereford, Jason, Karen & Danny) vs. Blue Jays (Kevin, Drake, Tyler & Jonathan Taylor Thomas)
Rebels (Chelsea Hertford, Jason, Karen & Danny) vs. Blue Jays (Kevin, Drake, Tyler & Jonathan Taylor Thomas)Red Dragons (David, Ben, Joey, & Toni) vs. Blue Manatees (Bob, Melissa, Ashley, & Maria)Red Lions (Howard, Douglas, Jacob, & Barbara) vs. Blue Lagoon (Philip, Philip, Veronica, & Linda)
Red Lápices (Mitch, Juan, Paolo, & Lorraine) vs. Battling Barons (Diane, Jason, Jennifer, & Gary)Red Vampires (Mario, Rudyard, Chris & Zelda) vs. Blue Ghouls (Ryan, Maynard, Natalie & Frances)Redalodeons (Nick, Andrew, Mac, & J.C.) vs. Blue Bombers (Bob, Jennifer, Casey, & Sandy)
Super Sloppy Double DareSuper Special Double Dare
File:6955.gifFile:Australian Family Double Dare.jpgFile:CDD87.jpg
File:Celebrity Double DareFile:DD2k.jpgFile:Double Dare - Non Celebrity Pilot
File:Double Dare UK 1.jpgFile:Double Dare UK 2.jpgFile:Double Dare UK 3.jpg
File:FDD90.jpgFile:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gif
File:Humantaco.jpgFile:Marc Summers.jpgFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:SSDD logo1.jpgFile:Super Special Double DareFile:Super Special Double Dare.png

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